Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped into riding Usain Bolt's back

People Are Calling Ellen DeGeneres a Racist for Her Tweet About Usain Bolt

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ping pong player photoshops

The Photoshop Battle of This Olympic Ping Pong Player Had to Be Done

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Is It Better To Crush Your Own Dreams or To Have Your Dreams Crush Your Own Pole?

funny fail image olympic pole vaulter faults due to his own penis

Finally Someone at the Olympics Recognizes the Value of Finishing Second

win funny sports sign olympics condoms for finishing second pun
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list usain bolt Memes olympics - 897541

Usain Bolt's Ridiculously Photogenic Smile Has Officially Been Memed

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comeback track win olympics fall - 82005249

If Great Britain's Farah Can Recover From a Fall to Win Gold, You Can Make it Through a Monday

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A Gold Medal Winner For FAILing

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sports australia Video olympics - 82004993

This Ozzie's Old Olympic Commentary is So Spot On Let's Give Australia a Gold Medal For It

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The Best 'Just Won an Olympic Gold and Broke the World Record' Dance Ever

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Ryan Lochte Shows Us How These Brolympians Recover

win Ryan Lochte Shows How Brolympians like him and Micheal Phelps Recover at Rio
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parenting grandparents olympics - 81972993

Proud Grandparents Shed Tears of Joy as Grandson Kyle Chalmers Win Gold in 100m Mens Freestyle

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The Average Joes

twitter olympics - 8968662016
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An Olympic First and Historic Hole-in-What?!!

funny fail image Spanish sports coverage mistranslates Olympic hole in one as glory hole
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Olympic Athletes Are Swiping Right So Much It's More Like Rio de JaTinder

Rio Olympics Sexy Tinder Users
Via Perez Hilton
sports irish Ireland chill food reaction Video olympics - 262407

These Irish Olympic Rowers Are Chill AF About Making the Finals and Just Want to Eat Steak For Every Meal

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news job rant Video win olympics - 81961217

Watch as This Sports Anchor Perfectly Pulls Apart the Olympics For Their Strict Coverage Rules

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