interesting historical perspectives

Twitter Users Describe Their Favorite Weird Historical Perspectives

Time is a strange thing.
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its always sunny in philadelphia old psa lol smoking funny weird - 107653633

Old Anti-Smoking PSA Features A Young Mac From "It's Always Sunny"

Should we listen to him?
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things people only understood after they got old

Things People Only Understood When They Got Older

Like a ton of bricks.
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things young people won't have to do because technology has changed

Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience

We're all shaped by inconvenience.
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people say how old they are without sharing their age

People Tell Their Age In Non-Numerical Fashion

So much rewinding.
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old man strength lol refrigerator fridge win - 107136001

Uncontained Man-Beast Lifts Fridge Like A Titan

He's not grunting, that's his knees shouting.
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Nostalgic Lego sets

Sweet Nostalgic Lego Sets Of The Past

Those were the days.
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unsafe toys people remember

Unsafe Toys People Remember From The Olden Days

Times change.
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News report on Florida abstinence video game

The Time a Florida University Developed a $430,000 Abstinence Game

Wonder what ever happened to it?
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Inventions and things that have been around for longer than people think | jazzman0116 40.8k points 1 day ago ancient Romans (well wealthy ones) had central heating their homes can actually still see pipes some buildings at Herculaneum!

Stuff That's Way Older Than People Think

Some stuff has been around a while.
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Old Pepsi commercial advertises 16 ounce size for three people.

Old Pepsi Commercial Stresses 16 oz is for Three People

That's embarrassing.
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funny moments people realized they were old | jellybellymom More fell down at work and no one laughed. Instead three people came running over make sure ok.

The Moment People Realized They Were Old

It can strike at any time.
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Products, companies, and things that somehow still exist | underbakedsalami 27.1k points 13 hours ago kid not, our local Chipotle is taking orders via fax can't get over .

Things That Somehow Still Exist

"The sun will never set on the empire of Fax."
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Memes about the realities of aging | man screaming while a hurricane sandstorm approaches behind him | 40s People born 80s 's coming

Memes about The Brutal Reality of Not Being 20 Anymore

All of a sudden things hurt and sleep is more important.
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Guy asks internet if he's wrong for questioning his 22 year old niece's 47 year old boyfriend uncomfortable questions.

Uncle Wonders If He's Wrong To Question 25 Year Age Gap in Niece's Relationship

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Old Man in car rocks out to Metallica.

Old Man In Car Rocking Out to Metallica Will Be Every One of Us Someday

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