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Metric Math is Different from Imperial Math, She's Still Right

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Only in Canada Are the Burglars This Nice

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The BBQ Chip Bandit Proves the Situation is Dire in Canada

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Good Folks in Ottawa Help Strangers During an Oncoming Cold Snap

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Our Machine Overlords Must be Kept Toasty

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The Snowmen Armies of Canada are Ready for Christmas

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Canadians Make the Most of Their Ice Storms

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This is the Most Canadian Headline Possible

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Taking Out the Garbage Like a True Canadian - in Sub-Zero Temperatures. In a Speedo.

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Only in Canada, Folks!

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CLASSIC: Waiting for a Bus to Swing By

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The Most Canadian Apology Ever

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Canadian Crime Sprees

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Happy Canada Day? Nah.

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Canadians Take Their Hockey Very Seriously

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FAIL Nation: Missing Woman FAIL

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Created by Chris Wilson ( Via Ottawa Sun )
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