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'You need to salute the sticker': Military wife demands enlisted salute her because of husband's officer sticker on her car

This military wife commanded her husband's soldiers to salute her and the stickers on her vehicle, which led to a little tom-foolery from the soldiers who maliciously complied with their orders (as grunts are wont to do.) As commenters have pointed out, what is it with the "Military Wife as an entire personality" stereotype? I suppose it's not an entirely unique phenomenon—people will build a personality around the darnedest things. I'm not preaching from a pulpit here; I do it too. If you had…
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'Two beers, no more': Clever thirsty grunts enact malicious compliance to NCO's poorly worded command

'Two beers, no more': Thirsty Marines maliciously comply to officer's poorly worded command

It's important to choose one's words carefully, especially when those words are the only thing standing between some thirsty grunts and their choice of drink after a long hard day. This is a classic instance of malicious compliance being executed, where the number of something has been specified, but the size of each item has not. Another instance where this same premise plays out might be a parent telling their child that they can have “just one” candy bar before the child returns with the lar…
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'It was never blocked again': Police officer blocks barista's access to work, decaffeinated Captain gives him a verbal reaming

'It was never blocked again': Police officer blocks barista's driveway, decaffeinated Captain gives him a verbal reaming

Don't even talk to this police Captain before he's had his coffee! If there's one thing you don't want to do in any line of work, it's depriving your boss of their caffeine while simultaneously wasting their time. That's a recipe for disaster, and you do not want to know how that meal tastes. Unfortunately for this police officer, that's exactly what they did when they blocked off a barista's driveway, which prevented her from getting to work on time. This meant that one of her regulars, the po…
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Encounter with a wild Karen

'Raging Karen went wild and got herself arrested': Karen accosts driver at intersection and gets her butt kicked

There's nothing like a Karen going after someone, only to learn she's messing with another Karen
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Microwaved Egg Proves Why It Shan't Be Played With

And that's the way of the egg.
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Laziest Naval Officer Ever Displays Bold Act of Pure Genius

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Well You See, Officer...

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Liek OMG, Way to Ruin My Day!

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"Kick Me" Ain't Good Enough Anymore

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How YOU Doin'?

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Booze News: To Protect and Slosh

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Via CBS Philly

Booze News: But Officer, Drunk Essays Are The Best Essays

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