nature cool accessories awesome ocean shark Video win - 107452673

Wild Shark Recognizes Human Best Friend After Being Separated For A Year

What a beautiful moment.
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surprising awesome ocean swimming dangerous win - 107156737

Paddle Boarder Gets Saved By His Waterproof Phone Pouch

Those oceans can be unforgivable.
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nature aww seal ocean lol amazing sea creatures animals - 107132673

Dude Makes Chill Seal Friend

He's a real-life Disney Princess.
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crazy surprising ocean swimming shark dangerous Video - 107123969

Swimmer In Panama City Beach Has Close Brush With Hammerhead Shark

Way too close for comfort.
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nature surprising squid ocean Video - 107062017

Giant Squid Latches Onto Surfer's Board, Surfer Maintains Max Chill

Oh, what up my guy.
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Man survives getting eaten by a whale, and then proceeds to answer everyone's questions in a viral thread.

Man Survives Getting Eaten By Whale, Answers Internet's Questions

Dude should write a book or something.
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nature adorable interesting ocean octopus funny Video - 106993153

Octopus Swims Ashore For Attention, Accomplishes Mission

Homie got all the pets he could've wanted.
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wholesome adorable seals ocean cute Video win - 106910209

Baby Seal's First Time In Bigger Pool Is Cuteness Overload

I mean, really, come on.
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awesome ocean sunfish ridiculous funny Video - 106681089

Dude Bumps Into Massive Sunfish, Sunfish Looks Otherworldly

Oh, what up homie.
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creepy and mysterious stories from sailors at sea

Creepy And Mysterious Things People Saw at Sea

She be vast and chock full of fish and uncertainty.
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A Tumblr thread on Megalodon's could've inspired Syfy channel's next big hit.

Tumblr Thread: Megalodon Horror Movie Should Be A Thing

Megalodons would do a number on the ocean's ecosystem.
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nature scary Tsunami greenland ocean dangerous intense Video - 106714369

Fishermen Flee Terrifying Tsunami In Greenland

Fortunately they were able to get away just in time.
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A funny Tumblr thread about people outfitting their sea urchins in mini hats.

Tumblr Thread: Sea Urchins Wearing Mini Hats Is Everything

Had no idea how badly we needed this.
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diving scary surprising ocean shark Video - 106371073

Massive Deep-Sea Shark Checking Out Our Submarine

Straight up, no thank you forever.
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An informative Tumblr thread on baby oarfish escalates very quickly. | mischief7manager digitalrabbit asked: Hey heard giving out anxiety, can have 1 anxiety please? biggest-gaudiest-patronuses answered: yes, here is baby oarfish

Tumblr Thread On Baby Oarfish Escalates Quickly

Now that's a big boy.
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surfer has meltdown and shouts at teen

Teen Surfer Told He Can't Surf By Territorial Local

No love for the homie.
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