funny obvious realizations people had

Terrifically Obvious Realizations People Had Way Too Late In Life

Reality is difficult.
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times people didn't understand jokes

Embarrassing Times People Tragically Didn't Get The Joke

Think about it.
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obvious and stupid things people didn't realize for a long time

Painfully Obvious Things People Didn't Realize For Way Too Long

Every moment can be a learning experience.
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funny and embarrassing times people missed obvious signals

Embarrassing Times People Missed Obvious Hints

Swing and a miss!
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People tell stories of times they realize how something worked | hut_on_a_frozen_lake Just 2 days ago learned wax candles is used as fuel and not as melting thing slow down burning wick. Should mention have chemistry degree.

People's "Oh, That's How That Works" Moments

Better to learn late than never at all.
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basic skills that everyone doesn't know

Basic Skills People Are Surprised Not Everyone Knows

It's weirdly common.
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Frustrating times people said dumb things and didn't understand basic stuff

Frustrating Times People Didn't Understand Basic Stuff

People have a lot to learn.
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things people didn't realize until late in life

Obvious Things People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

Every day is a chance to learn.
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funny technically correct moments, jokes and memes

Technically Accurate Moments That Were Completely Not Wrong

The truth hurts sometimes.
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Friend doesn't understand basic things | plate of sushi rolls Salmon, cucumber and ginger filling wait are those black layers made Nori-seaweed so 's edible always thought just plastic coating had remove

Fascinating Friend is Perplexed by Obvious Stuff

It's never too late to learn.
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The most obvious scientific conclusions people ever witnessed. | DoctorSneak• 3h Most sharks attacks happen shallow water close beach. Makes sense as 's where all people are.

Most Obvious Scientific Conclusions People Witnessed

Yay, science stuff.
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funny technically correct memes | Find angle: 1800 Listen here little shit | Pregnant wife Get whatever baby monitor think is best trust judgement

Technically Correct Moments That Aren't Exactly Wrong

"Actually true" has a friend named "technically correct."
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Facts that feel obvious | posted by YummyMango124 never mentioned Humpty-Dumpty an egg.

Facts That Feel Too Obvious After Hearing Them

Some observations are well, obvious.
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Obvious stuff that people realized way too late | posted by weakenedstrain 42 here song Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid and egg never knew why Robin would lay and egg seemed so random and weird Just this winter, walking down hallway at work finally clicked into place: Robins are birds. Birds lay eggs. Yep. Sharp tack over here.

Obvious Stuff People Learned Way Too Recently

Sometimes things make sense.
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Obvious hints from women that guys missed.

Times Guys Totally Missed Obvious Signals

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funny mental slip, not knowing a place's address but knowing how to get there

21 Mental Slips That Drove Temporarily Oblivious People Insane

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