Entitled Influencer's Dad Disputes Contest, Ruins Entire Project

All it had to be was a dumb marketing project with some giveaway stuff, but one "do you know who my father is" type just had to be involved. Overzealous and aggressive parents speaking on behalf of their children can lead to a lot of pain and suffering down the road, like this parent who blamed a teacher for their own kid not being in virtual class.

Entitled influencer's obsessed dad gets involved in contest and ruins project | Posted by u/EstamelTharchon 3 days ago an obsessed parent can lose biggest client Long told this story all my friends, and suppose 's time share with developer at an $agency. Our biggest client at time bank. Apparently, banks our area have huge hard-on raffles, giveaways, and similar marketing tricks get new accounts opened. Better yet, they are constantly trying one-up each other, which is great marketing/developer
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