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Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Give The Day Some Pazazz

The internet is a whirlwind of people's thoughts and fears about anything from the nature of reality to their own dwindling health. But sometimes, sometimes they'll get into the real meat of what it means to be human. That's weird errant thoughts about clown death, truly stupid but honest takes about windshield wipers, and discussions of the time Alice Cooper almost shot Elvis. It's those delectable funny tweets and tumblr gems that kick the day up a few notches.
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funny tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems To Sift Through Like An Old-Timey Prospector

There's gems in them internets!
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funny interesting observations | u/pyro925 Pavlov probably thought about feeding his dogs every time someone rang bell

Shower Thoughts That Dispensed Insightful Wisdom

Bring on the insight.
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Tumblr discusses self involvement of cats | froody Follow Removes my cat my lap do something else My cat: Father is evil? Father is unyielding? Father is incapable love am running away am packing my little rucksack and going out explore world as lone vagabond can no longer thrive this household. cryoverkiltmilk Follow spiritual successor

Tumblr Thread: Cats are Verbose, Irrational Narcissists

Oh, cry me a river.
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Fictional characters from tv and movies that people really hate | Klown1327 30.7k points 18 hours ago 3 2 3 cowardly, weasley, rat faced looking, fucking little bitch Percy Wetmore Green Mile. Fuck little shit

Fictional Characters People Genuinely Hate

Sometimes they're not even the villian.
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creepy, disturbing and sad facts | TheKentuckyRifleman 21.3k points 12 hours ago Frontal Lobotomy performed with no anesthesia and an outpatient procedure.

Not Fun Facts to Feel Weird About

Here's an interesting distraction...
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Funny moments and memes from Tumblr | bidoof movie idea: guy finds stone tablet engraved with mysterious alien language and gets caught up national treasure-esque adventure decipher its meaning, only learn s just an alien "live, love, laugh" decoration Source: bidoof 240,710 notes

Tumblr Gems to Destroy Boredom

The thoughts never stop.
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Cartoon logic and plot holes that don't make sense | are Spongebob's sleeves attached ? wide shiny eyed spongebob squarepants wearing his krusty krab hat and holding a spatula in one hand and a bucket in the other | So did they have hair or not? lisa and bart simpson skeletons with their skulls shaped like their hair

Moments of Cartoon Logic that Make Perfect Sense

Sure, we'll go along with it.
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