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John Oliver Destroyed the GOP Obamacare Replacement Last Night and, I'm Sorry, But Getting Roasted to Shit Isn't Covered Under Your Policy

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Paul Ryan Used a PowerPoint to Explain Trumpcare and, Surprise, People Are Meme-ing the Hell Out Of it

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Stephen Colbert Thinks Trumpcare Sounds a Lot Like Game of Thrones

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There's An Obamacare Replacement Bill Called "World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017," Which Republicans Must've Stolen from a Mug or Something

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The Internet Helps You Understand the Obamacare GOP Replacement Through Memes

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Allow John Oliver to Explain What's Going With Obamacare and Why Every Senior Citizen in America is Yelling At Their Representative

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Ted Cruz's Chief of Staff Blows a Few (Tiny) Minds With This "Joke" About Obamacare

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Snopes: Now Dominated by the Government Elite

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Let's Face it, Obamacar is Unconstitutional

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For the Record: Yes, People Believe This

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Plenty of People Are Upset by the Affordable Care Act, but It's the Responses That Will Make You Question Humanity

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From Really?

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That's Not How Obamacare OR Grumpy Cat Works

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Does Obamacare Cover Burn Treatment?

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Things Escalated Quickly After That

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Failbook: Ten Tweets About Obamacare

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