Numbers are all around us and literally in everything, just like Carbon, and dust. So if you're numerically inclined, you'll definitely appreciate these punny numbers.

Tumblr thread explains statistics

Tumblr Thread on Statistics Is a Necessary Dumbness Test

What is 100% really?
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Tumblr user runs the math on Ice Cube's "Good Day." | Finding exact date day Ice Cube refers his classic song "Today Good Day hiphopfightsback CLUE 1 Went Short Dog's house, They watching Yo MTV RAPS" Yo MTV RAPS first aired: Aug 6th 1988 CLUE 2: Ice Cube's single Today Good Day released on: Feb 23 1993

Tumblr Post: Exact Date Of Ice Cube's "Good Day"

Neat stuff.
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funny tv fail math blunder numbers mix up

Journalist Makes Huge Math Blunder

Some people have a harder time with numbers than others.
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Guy texts random stranger number neighbor and he gets advice on love.

Guy Gets Intense Love Wisdom from Number Neighbor

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Smooth Tinder Match Choose-Your-Own-Adventures His Way to Victory

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A Picture Worth a Million Words

new show estimates thousands at gay marriage rally image
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facebook numbers Video Statistics - 71466497

Facebook by the Numbers. Very, Very Large Numbers.

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Robot Penguin

animals mysterious names numbers robots words - 4471810304
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Reply Hazy, Try Again Next Year

numbers pop culture religion words - 4787765760
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That Last One's Kinda Important

counting list math numbers success - 5763965696
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Math Nerd

nerdiness numbers poor execution - 3186511616
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football numbers other bod mods sports words - 5192224000
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Plane Crashes: Now With More Nonsense Math

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Long Distance Love

numbers spell check words - 5194015232
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The Story Behind Seven Eating Nine

comment puns numbers Story Time - 8447965696
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If You're an Engineering Major You Don't See Them That Often

numbers test math funny g rated - 8403834112
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