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Update! How I got revenge on my ex boyfriend and ex best friend.

Update! '[BF] has made multiple Facebook pages to message me': Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend and her best friend after she discovers their secret relationship

This woman exacted some seriously petty revenge on her boyfriend and best friend after she discovered the two were having a secret relationship behind her back. She then returned to the comment section to share how her petty revenge had sowed the seeds of discord between the new couple after her departure – which led to the couple breaking up. Yesterday we shared the original version of this story, in which the woman shared the story of her revenge to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit. She then…
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How I got revenge on my ex boyfriend and ex best friend. | As soon as he was out the door I immediately packed my bags, important papers and the dogs and left. I also unscrewed most lightbulbs, took the batteries out of the remote, took the router plug in so he wouldn’t have Wi-Fi and cranked

'I f-ed with their heads': Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend and her best friend after she discovers their secret relationship

Certain instances of cheating can never be forgiven: Taking extra monopoly money while acting as the banker during a family board game night, using illicit vibrating devices to receive secret messages during a high-ranked chess tournament, and, of course, engaging in a secret relationship with your spouse's best friend behind your spouse's back. If you find yourself betrayed by any one of these, the only recourse is to ditch out on everyone you know and love, hit the gym, and start a new life.…
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I got a job with one of those marketing firms, a New Age Capitalism company that insisted we all do yoga and breathing exercises while they rang a little bell and gave us affirmations about how many contracts we were all going to sell and how much money we'd all make. The job was 100% commission,

''They screwed me [...] I screwed them': Company refuses to payout huge sales commission, salesman starts own business and puts them under

All is fair in love and war, and —if you're not willing to play by the rules — don't expect anyone else to either. This salesman was confronted with the dawning, horrible truth that he was going to be cheated out of his hard-earned commission when the company he had just begun working for started making excuses about why they weren't able to pay him out. The company had foolishly set a commission structure with an aggressive exponential curve; when the salesmen joined and blew all previous sale…
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My boss suspended me for his negligence so I ruined his life.

'I ruined his life': Boss suspends employee for injuring themselves, employee ends their business

Manifesting traits and performing actions that squarely fall within a “Chaotic Evil” alignment is not a great business strategy. You're going to open yourself up to all kinds of legal and moral pitfalls that could result in your business being “canceled” or forced to close by authorities. Surprisingly, all too many owners think they're the “big bad” of a Dnd campaign and have become accustomed to feeling immune to consequences within their spheres of influence. Well, the party comes for you eve…
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r/ProRevenge | Company fs over long-term employees and my boss's act of revenge helps me start a freelance media company for pennies on the dollar | For legal reasons, I can't disclose the exact location.

Manager Sells $400k of Electronics to Employees at 90% Off in Order to Get Revenge on Shady CEO's Plot

A nefarious plot by the CEO to lay off all workers at a chain electronic store triggered a rebellion by the store's manager that would send the corporate entity reeling. Is this a plot line written by George RR Martin? Or a modern retelling of Robin Hood? You be the judge! It's no secret that CEOs and others in similar positions of unchecked power often use said power to line their coffers and fill the wallets of their closest friends and allies. It's not above them to make closed-door deals th…
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 was able to simultaneously gain a 30k per year pension for my Mother while wiping my piece of shot father's retirement. | My Father is the Canadian Satan. Growing up with him was less than fun and I can assure you, based on witnessing it he was a less than fun husband.

Son Destroys Terrible Father's Pension By Getting His Mother What She's Owed

Most of us would consider ourselves fortunate not to be the spawn of the "Canadian Satan" or the "Satan" of any other nationality for that matter. I had always thought that that whole Satan thing would work like the Highlander. You know, "There can only be one" and all that -so I'm surprised and impressed to learn that there are “Satans” of different nationalities.
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revenge friends nuclear revenge petty revenge relationships cheating dating pro revenge reddit thread Reddit - 17672709

Woman Savagely Annihilates Ex's Entire Friend Group After They Mock Her Heartbroken Email

This woman decided on the nuclear option after being brutally mocked by her ex and his ruthless friend group, the fallout of which caused the dissolution of the entire group. This is another reason to add to the (already long) list of why we hate group chats/emails/texts. This thread was posted to Reddit 's r/ prettyrevenge subreddit by Redditor u/nosugarcoatings who shared her experiences with the popular Reddit community. Readers responded and seemed to agree that this revenge story would hav…
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pro revenge landlord thread revenge nuclear revenge apartments nuclear renting Reddit - 17660933

Property Owner Takes Shady Apartment Manager Down

When it became apparent that the property manager was taking advantage of his building's tenants and doing a generally poor job, this owner realized he needed to take them down. This thread was posted to Reddit 's r/ nuclearrevenge subreddit by Redditor u/Ranthrow607. This subreddit is a bit like the big brother or the r/ProRevenge and r/pettyrevenge subreddits. Only the most brutally devastating of revenge stories can be posted to this smaller sub. We've frequently addressed the issue of preda…
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pro revenge revenge ex nuclear revenge petty revenge relationships cheating cheater reddit thread Reddit dating - 17649925

Nuclear Revenge: Vengeful Scorned Woman Gets Revenge on Her Cheating-Thieving Ex, Resets All His Debt

This woman went to check the joint account she held with her boyfriend after catching him cheating the night before to her horror he had cleaned out the entire thing. To add insult to injury, essentially all of the money in the account was hers which made him not only a cheater but a thief too. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/ ProRevenge subreddit by user u/Revolutionary_Ant209 who shared the story of her absolutely brutal revenge . See, the thing was, her ex held a lot of debt. Debt recov…
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pro revenge antiwork manager revenge nuclear revenge destroy savage petty revenge - 16523525

Guy Gets Brutal Revenge, Destroys His Jerk Boss' Company and Takes Their Clients

Some seriously Pro Revenge.
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pro revenge hoa neighbors lawyer revenge nuclear revenge towing petty revenge lawsuit Reddit neighbor - 16371973

Busy Body "HOA Karen" Tows Guy's Big Benz, Not Actually on HOA Board, Gets Sued Silly

"Diane was not listed as a board member. Interesting."
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pro revenge revenge nuclear revenge cars parenting cops - 15987205

Mom Gets Stalker Arrested and His Car Repo’d After He Harasses Her Over A Used Car Sale

This guy is a lunatic!
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