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'They all think [...] that I am putting money ahead of family': Manipulative theiving parents steal daughter's tuition money, get sued

Imagine growing up in a family that has no care for your future education, except for one—your aunt. She sets aside enough money for your education before tragically passing away. When you go to use the money, you find that your parents have been helping themselves to it. How do you feel? Betrayed? Hurt?.. What do you do about it? This post was written and shared to Reddit's r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by Redditor u/Accomplished_Bar5656, who shared her story with the popular subreddit to get the…
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AITA for keeping my website up after being asked to remove it?

'My friends think I'm being spiteful': Guy's crafty revenge on the officials that ruined his life

The reason this dude refuses to take his personal website down is actually pretty reasonable — but not to the officials in his touristy town. This guy has been through an insane amount of stuff in his life, as he shared to r/AmItheA**hole. It all started when he got arrested in front of all his coworkers , which he calls the most embarressing moment of his life, for a crime he didn't commit. Still, the OP spent nearly two months in prison, and lost his entire life because of it. His son was tak…
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AITA For Refusing To Venmo My Friend For Pizza & Possibly Ending The Entire Friendship Over It?

'I’m poor and you're rich': Moocher refuses to let BFF have slice of pizza she 'didn't pay for'

The cost of a friendship should ideally be more than the cost of a pizza pie. For this woman, it represented the final straw in her relationship with a formerly close friend. Friendships can end in all sorts of ways. Sometimes one person moves, or you go in different directions in life that make your friendship incompatible. For this OP, u/InteractionFirst5109, she and her BFF Dawn had a falling out for financial reasons . She writes that she and Dawn both work full time, though the OP has a hi…
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AITA for deleting my friend's wedding photos in front of them?

Double update! Nightmare groom ruins two separate wedding photo shoots, furious photographer deletes photos

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: at this wedding, there's no going back from the groom's big mistake. Told from the photographer's point of view, this wedding sounds like a nightmare from the moment it began. The OP, u/Icy-Reserve6995, posted a three part story . She writes that although she works as a dog photographer, she offered to photograph her friend's wedding for super cheap. She showed up before the ceremony to shoot for hours, working from 11AM until 7:30PM. However, these were no…
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AITA for not accommodating my niece?

'Your SIL is an entitled parent': Party host gets yelled at by her SIL over food choices

Planning and hosting a kid's birthday party is stressful enough, but this woman's entitled sister-in-law made it so much worse. This OP shared her story with the internet, since she was seeking helpful opinions on whether or not she was the jerk in this situation. As the OP, u/haley××2 wrote, she was planning a birthday party for her kiddo, age 8, and inviting a bunch of people over. The OP invited her sister in law and niece, age 6, to the party as well. Since her niece has several allergies,…
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"I snapped, and... shouted at her, 'You sound incredibly desperate'": Woman flips out on student who has an obsession with her boyfriend

There's never any shortage of theatrics at in this university drama program — especially after this woman called out the woman who was brazenly flirting with her BF.
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AITA for not letting my best friend have her wedding on my property after being uninvited?

'He's put her in an impossible position': Dude offers home for his BFF's wedding, until her fiancé makes an uncomfortable request

“One of my best friends is getting married soon,” this guy wrote, as he wondered if he was wrong for restricting where she could hold the festivities.
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AITA for giving my ex wife a large amount of money I won despite the anger of my gf?

'Next time you win the lottery, call your *current* girlfriend first': Lottery winner asks 'AITA?' for calling his ex-wife upon winning millions

If you won millions in the lotto, what's the first thing you would do? For many of us, our first instinct would be to call our immediate family and best friends to share the news! But this guy called his ex-wife right after his parents — and his actual current GF is steaming mad about it! Not only did this guy called his ex first , he offered her some of the money. While some people in the comments immediately began to question his motives, he makes it pretty clear: he had kids with his ex . He…
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