Guy parks his Corvette over 4 spaces, so a dude leaves a fake note saying that he damaged the car.

Dude Gets Petty Revenge On Selfish Parker with Fake Note

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Sad box cringe gift note story mistake crush regret - 8601093

Dude Doesn't Open Gift for Years, Suffers Belated Regret

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funny quitting notice left by employees

16 Times People Left Legendary Quitting Notices

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customer service employee note angry ridiculous funny - 8353541

10+ Times Management Got Mad And Left Angry Notices

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twitter hit and run kids cars crime note damage bus lucky - 7805957

Guy Gets Supremely Helpful Note from Incredibly Responsible 6th Grader

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passive aggressive notes

10 Times People Took Their Passive Aggressiveness To Infuriating Extremes

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Fred Goes Hard in the Paint

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Rules for a Happy and Successful Life: Don't Smoke, Learn to Park

fail parking note don't smoke
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teacher writes note to muslim students

Teacher Hangs Positive, Inclusive Note on Classroom Door Following Trump's Victory and the Internet Reacts

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struggle note passive aggressive funny college dating - 1104389

Girl Leaves Passive Aggressive Note for Her Neighbors to Stop Having Crazy Loud Sex, and They Have the Best Response

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Give This Hangry-Thief a Break, He Did Leave a Note

funny fail image hungry thief steals halloween candy and leaves note
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If You Accidentally Steal Someone's Car, This is Probably the Nicest Note You Could Return it With

funny fail facebook image woman finds car stolen by accident with nice return note
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Passive Aggressive Grandma Knows What's Up With Her Hose

funny parenting tweet grandma lease passive aggressive note to kids cutting her hose for bongs
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This is the Greatest Note of All Time to Leave For Someone Who Sucks at Parking

funny fail image horrible parking resulted in getting the ultimate bad parking note
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If Your Love Note Game isn't This Sweet, it's Weaker Than a Fifth-Grader's

funny dating image 5th grader gets sweetest love note of all time
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That Move is So Old, Anyway

baby diaper instructions note Parenting Fail response - 5499551232
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