not the same

I Swear She's Real!

not the same siri - 5846945024

Cake Wack Indeed.

not the same writing - 5410830336
By Unknown

Thanks Autocorrect For Getting Me in the Mood

not the same funny - 7443108864
By Unknown

Well Not Exactly the Same...

not the same slide to unlock - 6565682688
By Unknown

That's Now How I Remember Venom...

draw something not the same - 6355736320
By Unknown

Needs More Bullet-Dodging and Slow Motion

movies not the same slow motion the matrix - 6215614976
By Unknown

Let Me Show You the Kiss of My People

kissing not the same prom - 6213395968
By Unknown

Where to Even Begin With This One...

girlfriends not the same - 6156355072
Via ABC News

Dating Fails: That's The Best Kind of Cuddling

cuddling dating fails not the same Rage Comics - 6094913280
By Unknown

Well That's No Fun.

expectations not the same reality the matrix - 6092405248
By Unknown

Wishful Thinking.

ecards Hall of Fame not the same - 5933696000
By Unknown

I Will Be the Greatest Chemist Ev---Oh. Crap.

Chemistry expectations not the same reality - 5745223424
By LOLdogexpert

A Mirror? Why would you want that...

Hall of Fame not the same - 5844182272
By augustin11

Parenting Fails: The Glory of the Stay-At-Home Mom

Hall of Fame not the same - 5833035776
By Unknown

Mickey Mouse looks different...

mickey mouse not the same - 5692782592
By CheezyMoo

I didn't realize "tears of joy" was the same thing as "weeping blood"

creepy not the same - 5814916096
By Jackie_Rabbit
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