funny memes for millennials

Millennial Memes For The Aching Backbone of The Economy

Get back to looking at memes.
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things young people won't have to do because technology has changed

Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience

We're all shaped by inconvenience.
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90s nostalgia from toys r us stores

90s Toys R Us Pics To Unleash The Nostalgia

There was a time when a giraffe told us what to buy.
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nostalgic toys and items

Nostalgic Toys And Things From the 80s and 90s

Get at 'em.
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A collection of nostalgic images from the 90s.

Sweet, Nostalgic Images Right Out Of The 90's

Throwin it back to the olden days.
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nostalgic 90s toys

90s Toys To Get Absolutely Ripped On Nostalgia

Nostalgia can hit like a truck. Specifically Tonka.
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people say how old they are without sharing their age

People Tell Their Age In Non-Numerical Fashion

So much rewinding.
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A nostalgic Twitter thread about the obscure TV shows that people remember.

Nostalgic Twitter Thread On Wild, Obscure, And Cursed TV Shows

It's remarkable what can make it onto TV.
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black markets at schools

People Explain The Black Markets at Their Schools

Anything can become a commodity.
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moments and images of things that young people wouldn't understand

Twitter Thread: People Show Their Age With Things Young People Wouldn't Get

Those were, uh, some days.
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technology that people remember when it came out, but is now obsolete

Now-Obsolete Technology That People Remember When It Was New

It was exciting, man.
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A nostalgic Twitter thread brings back the weird elementary school memories.

Nostalgic Twitter Thread Brings Back Weird Elementary School Memories

A nice trip down memory lane.
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sensations and feelings that make for powerful nostalgia

Powerful Images of Sensory Nostalgia

The things you can still feel.
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Nostalgic Lego sets

Sweet Nostalgic Lego Sets Of The Past

Those were the days.
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A collection of nostalgic foods and drinks for all the millennials out there.

Nostalgic Foods And Drinks For The Geriatric Millennials

Throwing it back to the olden and golden days.
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features of pre-internet society that were nice

Things That Were Nice About Pre-Internet Times

Ye olden days had a certain charm.
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