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Mother Nature Has Gone Too Far, This Alligator Can Climb Fences

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At Least They Don't Charge Extra for This Like They Do for Guacamole

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But I Don't Know Where It's Been!

booty hole jeans no thanks - 5939397376
By Unknown

YOLO Bingo?

design no thanks shirt yolo - 6485807104
By Unknown

Not an Image I Needed to See

image jersey no thanks shirt - 6520362496
By Unknown

I'll Just Sit By The A/C Vent Thanks...

fan no thanks screwdriver unsafe - 3413412864
By Unknown

You Had Me at "Randy Skinhead"

flirting no thanks oh god why - 8427398656
By Mel

Just Like Mom Used to Make!

gross no thanks food fail nation - 8362379008
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Let's Just Pretend None of Us Ever Saw This

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Thanks Uncle Creepy, the Party Van is Coming Your Way

gross creepy no thanks - 8295304448
By Baudome

Ummm. No.

old guys wtf creepy no thanks - 8217924864
By madison.bell.94

That's How They Say Hello to Spiders Around Here

Kill It With Fire spiders no thanks - 8179060480
By Chance_Links

Alright, We're Done With Reading for the Day After This Story

ouch news no thanks - 8138737408
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cactus no thanks ouch Video fail nation - 56702977

This is a Cactus Body Slam. Yes, it is Exactly as Terrifying as it Sounds.

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Is it Getting Hot in Here?

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By butterflyperception


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