Watch Yourself, Ninjas

ninja sign standing wall - 5042632960
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Ninja Wall

graffiti hacked irl ninja wall - 4804770048
By flpgdt

Ninja Dog WIN

animals camo camouflage dogs ninja pets - 4829299968
By geha714

Haven't Seen Him WIN

clever ninja poster sign - 4791972096
By sixonefive72

more ninjas! they're everywhere!

ceiling ninja - 4774519808
By Unknown

Element WIN

clever ninja periodic table science - 4729150464
By Unknown

Support Ribbons WIN

clever magnets ninja pirates sticker - 4446173440
By ZaQu2011

It's Both

ninja riddle witty reply - 4630940928
By DaisyK

If You Can't Fix It, Make It Cool

ceiling exit ninja note sign - 4576674560
By bigtall

Ninja School WIN

clever ninja photoshop - 4448205568
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: He Doesn't Like it When You Sit on His Face

bathroom grafitti hacked ninja sharpie - 4379067904
By Unknown

Ninjas Only

exit fire ninja - 4088020736
By greyfoxdna


awesome co-workers not basic instructions boredom cubicle fail depressing dickhead co-workers ninja ninjas paper signs passive aggressive plea rage request Sad sass screw you signage threat wiseass - 3831554816
By Unknown


billboard ninja - 3621778688
By Unknown


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By Unknown


door failboat ninja - 3416807424
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