Scary things that happened to people when home alone | Bobbiejo29 14.9k points 16 hours ago edited 9 hours ago like 14 home alone one night around 10pm stood my kitchen making some cereal s dark outside and then all sudden loudest sound. Some drunk woman literally launched hammer through my kitchen window so loud and glass everywhere followed her down street whilst calling police. Pretty strange.

Freaky Things That Happened to People Home Alone

The worst way to get a free hammer.
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Pictures of wild animals taken at night.

Funny and Weird Night Photos of Animals Taken By Camera Traps (9 Images)

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scary things people witnessed driving at night

17 People Share The Scariest Thing They've Seen Driving at Night

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contortionist walks around town like a creepy monster

Contortionist on Painkillers Becomes Horror Monster in Hilarious Late Night Burrito Story

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Space Gets All the Cool Views

such a fine line of day and night
Via scientific philosopher

He's Got Quite the Night Ahead of Him

beer night Cats funny - 8414901504
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That Dog Has Had a Hell of a Night

beer dogs coors Rum night funny - 8012276992
By Unknown
infinity night math funny - 57702401

The Infinite Hotel

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What it Would Look Like If You Could See Andromeda in the Sky

Astronomy awesome science night g rated School of FAIL - 7983512832
By Unknown

Just Keep on Chuggin'

beer drunk funny night - 7908474368
By Unknown
mother nature ftw time lapse Travel night Video - 55475201

In Search of Night

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The Stars Over Crater Lake

landscape stars winter night lake destination WIN! g rated - 7387825920
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The Stars Over Magma

Hawaii stars lava night destination WIN! g rated - 7350332672
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Night Was Always More Interesting

Astronomy stars science night - 7223150848
By Unknown

Black and Blue All Over

landscape pretty colors night lake mountain destination WIN! g rated - 7104653824
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Day & Night

moon Astronomy science night earth - 7093555712
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