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29 Sumptuous Mullets That Are Pure Magic

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Nicolas Cage Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters

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Nicolas Cage Reading Poetry, Blessing Marriage Proposal, and Watching His Movies With Crowd of Fans Has the Internet SHOOK

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The Perfect Shirt For Casual Friday

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They Feel Like They're Family!

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But Are They Free Range?

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The Sign of a True Leader

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One Crazy Graduation Cap

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"I Can't Wear THIS Tie to Work? You Should Be More Specific!"

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Very Funny, Guys

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He's With You Wherever You Go

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Lose the Rage, Gain the Cage

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Nic Cage: The Last Politician Bender

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Miley Has Turned Into The Nicolas Cage of Pop Music

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This Nicolas Cage Version of Wrecking Ball is Better Than the Original

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Every Video Store Needs This Section

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