Tetris trauma twitter

Twitter Thread: Tetris Can Reduce Mental Trauma

And they said video games were bad.
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McGurk Effect shows how brains interpret sounds differently based on what the listener is seeing

The McGurk Effect Is Some Black Magic Audio-Visual Trickery

Bah. Bah. Bah.
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Why People Fall for April Fools

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What Happens to Your Brain During a Near Death Experience

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Are You Right or Left Brained?

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What Happens in Your Brain When You're in Love

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Sometimes People Are Honestly Smart

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It's Already Been Determined

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May-Britt Moser Accepted Her Nobel Prize in a Dress Featuring the Neurons She Discovered

May Britt Moser wears a dress with neurons on it
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Does Imagination Run Backwards

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Brain to Brain Interfacing

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Erasing Bad Memeories

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Forgiveness Can Be Healthy

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What Is Love?

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Babies Brains and Words

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The Mysteries of the Brain!

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