Well, This is Ironic...

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Too Little Too Late

Text - Roger 11 hours ago via mobile Time to watch some Netflix and take off my pants. It's the little things in life. Lol. Like Comment Unfollow Post 12 people like this Lindsay 10 hours ago Like 7 you see the little things in life alot when you take off your pants? Mikel I've heard that about him... 10 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Roger or the fact that everyone liked her comment. Well played everyone. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my penis reduction surgery. about an hour ago via mobil

I Think I Have a Problem

depression netflix - 6958597888
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Suggestions FAIL

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Nice Try, Netflix

thanksgiving children's drawings netflix - 6795297792

Art Thou Mad, Blockbuster?

blockbuster netflix monday thru friday g rated - 6729436672

Suggestions FAIL

netflix inappropriate jesus religion - 6685410560
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Seen it Before WIN

error netflix - 6545187328

Boys are Icky

birds boys netflix - 6413699584

For the Last Time, Netflix!

doctor who netflix - 6417358848

Survival of the Sluggish

Multitasking netflix video games - 6256521472


dating ex netflix relationships - 6248343040
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After 12: Dexter, Here I Come!

after 12 cocktail drink forever alone g rated netflix recipe - 5980718848
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BOOM Roasted.

blockbuster netflix - 5873622784

Failbook: Blockbuster Chapter 2: Chapter 7

failbook g rated netflix twitter zing - 5873048064

Strong Female Lead FAIL

movies netflix wtf - 5763581952

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