Writing Netflix Descriptions is Fun

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Via Scalarr

A Difficult Breakup

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Created by dj_978

What a Child it Would Be

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Breaking Bad Season Six is Just Now Available!

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Created by Unknown

It's My Favorite Show Right Next to "Stop Complaining"

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Created by andrew.burnip

The Side-Effects of Netflix Binge Watching

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Created by Unknown

The Ultimate Motivation

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A Breakup Letter to Netflix

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Elmo Has Had it Up to HERE With Your BS

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Have You Ever Wanted Something So Bad, You Daydreamed About It for Like 15 Minutes?

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It Could Be Worse

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12 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix During Winter Storm Hercules

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Prioritize Your Blessings

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Created by beernbiccies

Parenting's Like That Sometimes

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You Like Dr. Seuss, Right, Kids?

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Created by NickInangelo

Breaking Bad, the Sopranos, These Are the Important Things in Life

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