Under bright neon lights, the world appears surreal. Get that techno vibe on with these iridescent puns and jokes.

Kid poses as Walmart Employee wearing neon yellow vest | Posted by u/GreenKeel 16 hours ago 14 2 O 9 L@17 3 11 TIFU by getting lifetime ban Walmart. My friend and are both high school, and been hanging out lot over winter break. Today were especially bored, and suggested going Walmart look around. After little while got bored too. Then an idea hit us back my car have 2 neon yellow vests. They seemed match style vest employees parking lot were wearing, so naturally donned vests and posed as

Kid Infiltrates Walmart By Wearing Neon Vest

A yellow vest is the key to the city.
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This Bus Goes All the Way to Party-Town

bus color vomit leggings neon pretty colors stripes - 6202909696
Via No Way Girl

Maybe His Shirt's in the Tiny Backpack

backpack shirtless poorly dressed neon - 8422722304
Via Izismile

Who Pulled It Off Better?

80s fashion neon pretty colors - 6192670720
Via Reddit

Prepare Yourself for the Neon Zombie Apocalypse

bright colorful neon scene zombie - 5181110784
Created by Got'cha

No Matter How Hard You Try

80s Hall of Fame neon shirtless - 5940032768
Created by Unknown

These Outfits Scream "Safety First"

neon poorly dressed fluorescent matching g rated - 8428275968
Via brown cardigan

Pretty Much

fedora Sequins poorly dressed neon - 8234359296
Via Izismile

Needs More Swag

neon swag glasses - 7382445312
Created by Meqad

Yes, But are You Open?

neon signs open misspelled - 7353101312
Created by Unknown

Lighting Up Coachella

neon gifs coachella - 7346099968
Created by Unknown

I Prefer "Swagtastic"

neon swag poorly dressed g rated - 7301885696
Created by Unknown

2 Kool 4 Ski Skool

80s skiing neon - 7257013760
Created by Unknown

Turn Off the Lights, and I'll Glow

neon lights win - 7116451072
Created by Unknown

She Must Be a Toys R Us Kid

punk neon raver - 3348280576
Created by Unknown

Nicki Minaj's Pet

ravers neon nicki minaj - 7004056320
Created by Hurpa Derp
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