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Twitter FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

31 Twitter FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

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whoops nelson mandela Video sports soccer - 67051265

Fail of the Day: Hockey Player Thinks Nelson Mandela was a Famous Athlete

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Meanwhile in India of the Day: Morgan Freeman Mistaken for Nelson Mandela on Billbaord

Morgan Freeman whoops nelson mandela sign - 7963477248
Via Huffington Post

I Can Understand Why That Puzzles Me

nelson mandela stupid people - 7962173696
By Unknown

For Real Now?

FAIL Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7943444480
By caffienated101

Nelson = Morgan Freeman?

art Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7944795648
By LeParisien
fake nelson mandela sign language - 56938497

Impostor of the Day: Jimmy Kimmel Brings in a Sign Language Interpreter to Translate Mandela Memorial Fake

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politics news nelson mandela Video sign language g rated fail nation - 56876289

First Selfies, Now This: the Sign Language "Interpreter" at Mandela's Memorial Just Made Everything Up

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politics nelson mandela - 138757

The Nelson Mandela Twitter Hall of Shame

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R.I.P. Nelson Freeman

Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7947308544
By V J

At Least She Can Admit It

FAIL nelson mandela - 7940431616
By Pastabuffet

R.I.P. Pope Mandela

nelson mandela pope - 7939747840
By Altairsheir

Paris Hilton's Fake Tweet About Nelson Mandela's Death

fake paris hilton nelson mandela twitter - 7939884288
By Unknown


air freshener g rated nelson mandela win - 3112026880
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