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InfoWars Editor Missattributes A Quote to Hitler, Gets Totally Schooled

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World's most ridiculous social studies teacher makes their students create a mascot for the Nazi party.

World's Most Terrible Teacher Has Students Create Mascot For The Nazi Party

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People on Twitter react to a woman saying that she's a humanist, and thus can find good in Hitler.

Twitter Explodes Over Woman's Decision To Find The Good In Hitler

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Alt-right Nazi conspiracy theorist gets exposed trying to cheat using a dating app.

Alt-Right Nazi Conspiracy Theorist Exposed Trying To Cheat Using Dating App

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Sean Spicer Gets Himself Tarred and Feathered After Claiming Hitler Didn't Use Chemical Weapons 'On His Own People'

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10 Popular Products You'd Have Never Guess Were Invented By Nazis

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Nazi Trump Is Picking up Serious Traction on Twitter

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This is Gonna Holocaust Someone Their Friendship

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Weed Fixes Everything

marijuana makes everyone happy
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The Discovery That Saved Their Lives

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The Nazi Labyrinth

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That's Not Kawaii, Not at All

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Engrish Funny: But Mario, Die Prinzessin Ist in Another Castle!

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More Crazy Japan Fashion

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The Kindle of a Young Girl

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Autocowrecks: Heil-arious

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