Natural Disasters

boulder wtf hot Natural Disasters rock lava - 107537409

La Palma Eruption Footage Shows Big Scary Floating Boulders

It's like an iceberg made of rock. A rockberg?
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tornado Natural Disasters weather driving dangerous - 107184129

Driver Stops Just Short Of Rampaging Tornado, Watches It Go By

Way too close for comfort there, man.
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Norway landslide carries houses into sea.

Landslide Sweeps Away Houses In Norway

That makes you feel small.
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crazy Natural Disasters pool earthquake dangerous Video - 96828417

Insane Footage Of Rooftop Swimming Pool Emptying During Quake In Manilla

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dogs tornado FAIL Natural Disasters lawnmower ridiculous funny Video - 95992065

Solemn Tornado Broadcast Enjoys Interruption By Dog Commandeering A Lawnmower

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Woman gets destroyed on Twitter after giving Elon Musk a hard time about SpaceX.

Woman Gets Natural Disaster-Level Destroyed After Giving Elon Musk Sh*t On Twitter

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