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Announcer Forgets Nascar Driver's Name, Cringe Ensues

It can happen to the very best of us.
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19 Ridiculous Pics Of Rednecks Doing Hillbilly Hijinks

Alright, the pool ideas look pretty good.
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Nascar Got Really Interesting When Kyle Busch and Joey Logano Got in a Fight at the Kobalt 400

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Not Your Average Redneck

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The Curse of Frankie Muniz

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Race Car Pit Crews Compared Across Motorsports

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Just How Fast is NASCAR? Ask This Photographer.

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Never Mind the Balls, Here's Some Cars

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After Watching This 10 Second Video, You'll Understand Why Some People Love NASCAR

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Tony Stewart is a Living NASCAR Driver. Kevin Ward Jr. was a Sprint Driver Who Passed Away. So Who is This Guy?

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Just Hold the Pedal Down and Turn Left, Right?

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He Saved Money on a Jersey AND Contributed to Local Birds' Nests

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We Can Hear Your Pants Just Fine, Grandpa

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Failbook: Ramping Up the White Trash

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The 80's Was 30 Years Ago!

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Probably Bad News: Lying is a SIn

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