TikToker Claims She was Raised By the "Ultimate Karen," Goes Viral and Sparks Debate

TikToker Claims She was Raised By the "Ultimate Karen," Goes Viral and Sparks Debate

This TikToker is going viral for exposing her Karen mom and sharing her story of her escape—but some viewers are demanding proof.
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red flags in social situations

Red Flags To Look Out For In People

Gotta keep that head on a swivel.
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narcissism FAIL entitled idiots choosing beggar - 16221957

Baseless Choosing Beggars Who Wanted Something For Nothing

I'll pay you in exposure!
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jobs that attract jerks

Jobs That Attract A High Proportion Of Jerks

Calling all liars and sycophants.
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A Craigslist ad seeks a wedding date for a terribly narcissistic mother-in-law, and then the internet reacts.

Craigslist Ad Seeks Wedding Date For Karen Mother-In-Law, Internet Reacts

There have to be a whole lot of takers.
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ridiculous people who think they're smart and brag about it | why do believe 2+2 4 could 65 just got told %3D something and listened could be wrong everyrhing know is just something said by government or society

People Who Think They're Absolute Geniuses

It really makes you think, man.
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Stories of what it's like to be the child of a Karen | mercadilly 5.0k points 22 hours ago My Mom is reformed Karen kid she used treat people customer service like trash teenager and customer service positions finally dawned on her terrible human being she being. She's turned around and been great ever since proud her recognize her faults and fix them.

Children of Karens Explain What That's Like

It's a lot of embarrassment.
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reddit post about getting revenge against bitter ex

Bitter Narcissistic Ex Gets Obliterated By Guy's Cold-Hearted Nuclear Revenge

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cringe people

15 Tyrants of Knowledge Whose Egos Made People Cringe

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narcissism comments intelligence the internets cringe smart bragging youtube comments mind ego brain stupid intelligent intellectual douche - 7353349

15 Brain Champions Whose Enormous IQs Dwarf Your Puny Intellect

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Sad narcissism comments smart facebook IQ social media brain idiots knowledge genius funny stupid - 6728709

15 God-Tier Geniuses Whose Monumental IQs Will Squash Your Puny Brain

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narcissism facebook kids these days comedy Video - 68248065

What Does it Even Mean to be a Facebook Narcissist These Days?

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In True Narcissistic Fashion

narcissism - 6815003392
Created by Jazzrockstar

Narcissism vs. Narcolepsy

facepalm narcissism - 5152426752
Created by ameroque