A funny Tumblr thread about how sleep and a Snickers can cure all | Joy Clarkson @joynessthebrave This is gentle reminder one time Bible Elijah like "God so mad want die so God said "Here's some food. Why don't have nap So Elijah slept, ate decided things weren't so bad. Never underestimate spiritual power nap snack.

Tumblr Thread: Sleep And A Snack Cures All

Naps are the undeniable best.
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Dad uses a snorkel to take naps in the pool and the internet is freaking out on Twitter.

Dad Figures Out New Way to Take Genius Nap and the Internet's Freaking Out

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twitter nap lazy seal new zealand - 1283077

Sleepy Seal Shuts Down a Busy Road in New Zealand to Take a Nap in the Sun

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I'm Going To Study The Back of My Eyelids

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Dad Life

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dogs baby nap - 73162241

Looks Like They're Both Dog Tired

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Always an Option

sleeping under desk tumblr
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Anything is Better Than The Suffering That is Being Awake

step four take a nap better than sufering
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Babies nap parenting Video - 72183553

The Secret Life of Babies During Nap Time Revealed

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Time is an Illusion, Naps Are Real

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You Might Actually be This Stupid

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No Blanket? No Problem!

nap kids couch parenting sleeping - 8375272704
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nap parenting Travel Video - 71056897

Jet Lagged

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Customer Service Is Important

asleep boredom busted caught in the act cubicle boredom cubicle fail depressing dickhead co-workers ergonomics lazy nap nap time Sad sleeping sleepy snooze wasteful work smarter not harder - 3440838400
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Everything Has a Place

work nap image Everything Has a Place
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Nap Where You Can

monday thru friday nap work airplane - 8090582016
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