funny camera glitch makes woman invisible like predator from movies

Camera Glitch Catches Nanny Going Full "Predator"

Not that kind. Like the alien kind.
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mom doesn't want nanny parenting kids, so nanny lets them destroy the place | Posted by u/RoseGoldFiend Don't try parent my children! oC S nanny small agency and love my job so much. Except dont yesterday took care 4 year old girl 2 year old boy, and 5 month old boy there yesterday and know kids at this age have enough energy make world stop spinning and they tend not listen but damn these kids were TERRIBLE. No control themselves at all. There paint on my

Mom Tells Nanny Not To Parent Her Kids, Regrets It

That can be done.
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A choosing beggar's nanny requirements are pure insanity | Nanny. Must be responsible wide range domestic duties. Most time schedule will be Monday-Friday 11 am 7pm. However, full days are required during summer 9 am 6 pm. Also need full days if kids are on holiday breaks OR home school sick need someone who can be flexible with work schedule due our jobs require us travel occasionally nanny will be assisting mom with two kids, who are 8 and 13. Driving is big part this position. Candidate must

Choosing Beggar's Nanny Requirements Are Insanity

Straight up delusional.
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Parent hires a private investigator to look into children's nanny | AITA hiring private investigator check into our nanny have nanny (late 20s) who comes watch our 3 year old and 1 year old our work schedules overlap or have go out together whatever reason. She's watching kids between 10-20 hours week. Recently came back and time pay her, but she middle bathing kids so said "Can just put my purse said no problem went downstairs and found her purse but little cluttered so put her wallet her purse

Parent Hires Private Investigator To Check Out Nanny

Might've been overstepping just a bit.
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