Tattoo artist tattoos initials onto unsuspecting person

'I demanded a partial refund and they refused': Tattoo artist tattoos initials onto unsuspecting person

Tattoos are so personal to the individual getting their skin adorned. Everyone knows that tattoos last forever, but it's a hard concept to fathom until you actually get the tattoo. Depending on where you get it, you'll either 1) look at it every day, so you'd better love it! or 2) never look at it if it's on your back or legs, and you'll kind of forget you have it at times. Regardless, you do have that art work forever, and even if you can't see it, other people probably can. Along with your ha…
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person sends hundreds of faxes because they won't respond

Company Says They're Not Getting Documents, Receives Hundreds

Gotta love horrible bureaucracy.
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Czech guy's colleagues won't call him by his name | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/bxhxjxnc AITA demanding my colleagues use my "offensive" name? Not hole Throwaway because am lurker and don't have an actual Reddit account. So work an international company with many different nationalities, recently have been assigned mainly American team (which means have work weird hours due time zones but single guy with no kids so can work around live/work Germany and prior this team

Czech Guy's Colleagues Refuse to Say His Excellent Name

Say it loud and say it proud.
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Student turns in essay with joke name for professor | zo Zoeyoxley Follow series unfortunate events: Wers Se Clth es mw 21 Tu ig -FAR100eLECJALL 20 turnitin Aint inbe sigments ass, vw adationel assgnment Welcome new class homepagal cless homepage werraton, subrt work, and acess foectack papes Hover on any hem cias homepage tor mon intomtion Class Homepage Thisa cless homepage o subnt an assignment click on he na buton t ansignet rame Fhe Snt buton ia grayed out no sbniions can be

The Time a Student Got Their Professor's Name Incredibly Wrong

Somehow it worked out.
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Bad father names baby without mother's permission, brother convinces his new woman to name her baby the original mom's name | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/AngelGuideIndi 1 day ago He Ruined My Sister's Only Birth Experience So Made Sure He'd NEVER Forget Her Obligatory apology formatting as on mobile. Kinda my revenge, kinda my sisters, both us really proud. This is gonna be long so TL;DR at bottom. Here's our cast: My sister call her "Sara story Sister's Ex-BF Paul" Ex-BFs New Wife Jane" Ex-BFs Par

Bad Dad Goes Behind Mom's Back to Name Baby, Brother Returns the Favor

It's some kind of justice.
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news reporter makes a head gesture whenever he says his name

Reporter Can't Say His Last Name Without Moving His Head

Perfect form every time.
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Person with strange name wonders if they're wrong to change it | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/LoudAlbatross6 23 hours ago AITA changing my name? my parents named Qur'stylle (Chrystal Not hole So my asshole scumbag parents named Qur'stylle and my whole life have gotten shit like "are muslim language is name originated country are and people butchering its pronunciation obvious reasons have always told people just spell as Chrystal and my parents (mainly mom) would take huge offense and would email

Person with Obstructive Name Asks If they're Right to Change It

That one's on the parents.
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Correspondence with Karen meme page | Hello, my name is Karen messaging today due new trend going around referring demeaning term used degrade middle aged white women part feminist movement called months also doing story on my page about this, and free come look at get better educated on racism and 's effects on society as whole s recent looked at group, and observed posts make on page, and frankly they're quite demeaning found after my 24 year old daughter started showing people

Karen Speaks to Manager of Karen Meme Page

Is this even real?
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Guys wife wants to name child "John Doe" after her grandfather | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by the_doeberman AITA not wanting my son literally be named "John Doe" So my last name is Doe hasn't affected my life much apart occasionally being called "Dodo" while growing up or friends spelling D'Oh" as joke, and generally pretty neutral about

Guy's Wife Wants to Name Kid "John Doe"

Sounds like a pretty bad idea.
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guy refuses to let wife name kids after game of thrones characters

Guy Reconsiders Deal with Wife When She Wants to Name Kid After GoT Character

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mom demands dog's name be changed

Obnoxious Mom Demands Woman Change Her Dog's Name Because It's the Same as Her New Baby

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mountain dew Memes ridiculous funny Video comedian name monster - 97491457

Comedian Depicts A Typical Day When Your Name is Kyle

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Sounds Good

Two hockey players with last names that spell out, "cook bacon".

A Gift and a Curse

twitter hotel FAIL name - 8970682880
Via @drunkwhitebae

Movie of the Day: Ben Affleck Announced His New Solo Project Title is "The Batman," Twitter Responds

trending new movie news ben affleck new batman movie title funny
Via Cosmic Book News

Captain Repentless, Your Ship is Ready

puns name win boats - 8817134848
Via b00jum
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