I mustache you not to laugh, these majestic pieces of facial hair are a man's (or woman's) crowning show of vigor. Some may just grow it out endlessly, others may style it, and still others create a diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg from their lip whiskers. So enjoy how far someone can take a mustache joke and check out these memes and gifs all about the stash.

Autocowrecks: Let Me Mullet Over

AutocoWrecks g rated mobile phones moustache mustache pun texting - 5572961280

Memorial Statue WIN

facial hair manly memorial mustache oh Japan statue - 5528019456
Created by Unknown

Poorly Dressed: Elmo Takes On A Creepy, Mustachioed, Persona

elmo innuendo mustache poorly dressed Sesame Street - 5492172800

Mustaches: You're Doing It Wrong

bad hair doing it wrong Hall of Fame mug shot mustache - 5411606016

Hacked IRL: The Only Living 'Stache in New York

hacked irl Music mustache silly - 5351089920

The '70s Was a Dark Decade for A Lot of Things

bad hair Hall of Fame mullets mustache - 5331800320
Created by liisas

Parenting Win: Turn Your Baby into a Chap

baby Hall of Fame mustache pacifier Parenting Fail parenting WIN - 5328708096

That Grip Tape isn't Going to Come off Easy

costume crying mustache Parenting Fail shirt toddler - 5324533248

Instant Mustache WIN

design fashion modification mustache sunglasses - 5199543808

Dog 'Stache WIN

chap dapper dogs hipster mustache pet pets - 5174794752

Like a Sir WIN

baby child sir mustache parenting - 5084408576
Created by -Ghost-

The Tale of Princess Scene and Her Most Magical Nose Hair

crown mustache scene - 5031369216
Created by Unknown

Nirvana? They're So Underground, Maybe You Haven't Heard of Them

glasses hat hipster mustache nirvana sideburns - 5008879872

Police Sketch FAIL

failboat g rated mustache news Professional At Work - 4856344320
See all captions Created by Steve

Completely Relevant News: Competition WIN

beard competition completely relevant news facial hair mustache - 4764388864


Babies failboat g rated looks like mustache picture placement vent - 4658005504
See all captions

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