video demonstration of robot with microfilament muscle technology

Muscular Robot Is the Beginning Of The End for the Everyman

Just what we needed. Swarthy robots.
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A funny Tumblr post about not judging a book by its cover | nOrma1-people-sxare group rough looking boys walked past today and all heard their conversation he's got anxiety disorder bro so went with him so he'd be more comfortable" and made realise world isn't all bad fitzefitcher #this is team skull

Tumblr Post: Big Buff Dudes Can Be Kind Too

Don't judge a book by its cover.
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Tumblr Thread about the human body has limits to its own strength so it doesn't damage itself | not--bot--swear Just so guys know. Hysterical strength is basically body not holding back and going %100 though there is great danger hurting yourself or breaking something since ignoring pain and going %100. There case where kid deadlifted car save sibling but,cracked 8 his teeth during because he clenching his jaw so hard. So whilst can lift car or fight off polar bears probably going break somethin

Tumblr Thread: Humans are Too Strong for Their Own Good

It's terrifying, but also makes you kinda proud.
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Clothing Ad Gets Roasted for Absurd Model with Comically Tight Shirt

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FAIL cringe bodybuilding ridiculous muscles Video - 408582

Cocky Fan Hilariously Emasculated In Flex-Off Fail

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How Big is Your Heart Tho?

muscles sexy dating - 8822877696
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marvel superheroes muscles - 846597

342-Pound Powerlifter Deemed the Iranian Hulk, and Could Probably Beat Gregor Clegane in an Arm Wrestling Match

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Poetry Killer!

muscles wrong - 6568548352
By Unknown
funny muscles joe biden White house - 411141

Joe Biden Makes Time for His Muscles

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Worse Than Mixing Stripes With Plaids?

poorly dressed polka dots leggings muscles g rated - 8427548928
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Are My Arms Going to Get That Big Too?

baby expression parenting dad muscles g rated - 8419948288
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A Flawless Ensemble

poop poorly dressed muscles - 8273905408
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Maybe Now She'll Notice Me!

poorly dressed t shirts muscles - 8266283008
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Fastest Way to Six-Pack Abs

six pack poorly dressed abs t shirts muscles - 8248911104
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PRO TIP: Don't Photoshop Your Profile Pic

funny muscles profile pic wtf dating - 8123061760
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protein muscles funny Video - 59058945

How Protein Becomes Muscle

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