Tumblr story of a professor who had a creepy close call | kvinnfolk wanna hear wild story? my brother's history professor is closing on 80 and basically lives at university. one night my brother visited him meeting, and came up my brother gonna be performing as court jester at castle following day. and his professor busts out ah reminds my youth he then proceeded tell tale he and his friends went backpacking greece back their early 20s. then one day they found themselves completely penniless. so

Professor's Greek Beach Tale is a Crazy Close Call

Not sure how relatable the moral is here.
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Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen Murder Mystery | ML Brennan @BrennanML think l'd really like right now is cozy British village murder mystery show where Patrick Stewart and lan McKellen are elderly widower neighbors who bicker lot about their gardens, and also solve crimes. And there's super hot grandson who has drive them around | So lan will be all need prune this hedge back think looks fine, but keeps putting shoots up over on my side And Patrick gasps and is all COURSE explains knife got into

Twitter Thread: Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen In A Murder Mystery

Make this so.
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crime tumblr

Thrilling Tumblr Story About Crime Scene Ends In Crazy Coincidence

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mistaking the onion articles for new news

10 Dorks Who Took the Onion Seriously

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murder words facebook argument social media slam - 5299205

4 Times People Got Suplexed by Words

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murder the office theories conspiracy Conspiracy Theory TV theory - 5029893

This Office Conspiracy Theory Has Us Shook

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murder James Franco bryan cranston Video - 84372737

Watch James Franco and Bryan Cranston Eat Hot Wings and Talk About Murder

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murder thanksgiving parody college humor Turkey family Video - 83776513

Imagine the Horror of Having POTUS Pardon the Murderous Turkey That Killed Your Family

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Murdering Cool Since Forever

murder twitter white people - 8758836992
By Unknown

This Woman Came Back From the Dead to Spite the Husband Who Paid to Have Her Murdered

love murder This Woman Came Back From The Dead To Spite the Husband Who Paid to Have Her Murdered

Possible Signs Of Aggression

dating g rated Hall of Fame murder quote Words Of Wisdom - 5738383104
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murder hbo florida - 437509

People Continue to Confuse Robert Durst and Fred Durst

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How Has No One Caught Him?

these signs need proofreaders
Via SewardsFolly

Oooh, I Have a Match

murder wtf online dating funny - 8426703616
By Unknown

The Music Drove Him Mad

murder tetris - 7628359168
By SleazyD

The Human Body Is Facinating

murder anatomy science muscles School of FAIL funny - 7432410880
Via Talk Chemistry to Me
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