Tumblr Drops Intriguing Knowledge on Ancient Female Pharaoh

Apparently by trying to erase the long and successful reign of this pharaoh, using her stuff as wall filler and throwing all her junk in a dump, they accidentally ended up preserving it. Pretty neat. Tumblr reviews some wild corners of history, like this thread that actually makes history fun. Here's another archaeology themed Tumblr thread about craftspeople being able to identify things that archaeologists couldn't.

Tumblr thread on interesting female pharaoh history | demands-with-menace Queen Hatshepsut Ancient Egypt. She has lovely smile someone who's been dead thousands years | deux-zero-deux she wasn't queen. she pharaoh and wanted be referred as such. she even had her statues modeled after male pharaoh's statues state her dominance and authority. she actually one most successful pharaohs all ancient egyptian history and she reigned longer than any other woman power egypt. cumleak damn no wonder she
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