story about rental car place tries to charge extra day so guy takes car mudding and fee gets cancelled

Guy Muds Himself Out Of Unfair Rental Charge

There are times to fight dirty.
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Excavator lifts deer in bucket from mud hole.

Excavator Operator Saves Stuck Deer

It's like divine intervention via scoop.
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Stop Being Such a Faceplant in the Mud

Via cocacolacan

The Map Says to Follow That Rock to the Faceplant

Via F**kYehFortPants
mud dance festival Video rain - 80804097

When Life Gives You Festival Mud Puddles, You Dance in Them Like No One's Recording

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slow motion mud volcano Video - 77687553

It's Sunday, Enjoy the Slow Motion Bubbling of a Mud Volcano

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Mud Mask Treatment FAIL

bike faceplant fall mud woman - 6320950528
By Unknown
gross mud Video - 60929537

Classic: Just How Bad Could Crossing One Mud Pit Be?

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mud Video swimming - 60574977

Beautiful Breaststroke Right Here

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mud whoops gross Video fail nation - 59471873

Classic: Just Make it Across the Mud!

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One Picture That Explains Everything You Need to Know About Cyclocross

bikes mud ouch - 8015714816
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It's Hard Trying to Keep White Shoes Clean After Labor Day

mud shoes white - 7913104640
By Unknown

These Two are Ready for Wetter or Dirtier

fashion mud wedding - 7845965568
By Unknown
ouch mud funny Video - 50758913

This is Not How You Get a Mud Facial

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Papa Was a Tennessee Mud Farmer

farming tractor sinking mud - 6902021888
By Unknown

Surprise Mud Bath FAIL

cars mud driving dirty - 6824484608
By Unknown
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