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Mr. Rogers' Observation Hits Mom Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Candid camera tries to prank Mr. Rogers but he is too nice.

The Time Mr. Rogers Was Unflappable on Candid Camera

The man was just too wholesome.
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Video of Mr. McFeely and Purple Panda scaring a bunch of kids

The Time Mr. McFeely's Panda Caused a Class Meltdown

Hey, he tried.
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Wise Mr. Rogers Explains How A Profit-Driven Society Can Distort A Child's Sense Of Worth

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

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Keepin' It Real in the Neighborhood

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Mr. Rogers Gets Fittingly Yarn-Bombed

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You're Very Special, Mr. Rogers

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No Context Necessary

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Welcome to My Neighborhood

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Mr. Roger's Hood

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Mr. Rodger's Hood

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