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Mountain Man Makes His Own Quad Axe and Chops Wood Into Fourths With a Single Swing

With all the time he saved chopping wood, he'll be screamin' yodelayheehoo!
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Muhammad Ali Learning About Mt. Everest Is Extremely Muhammad Ali

What else could anyone expect him to say.
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Twitter thread about the fossils found in Appalachian mountains, which are older than vertebrate animals

Twitter Thread: The Appalachians Are Older Than Most Things

That includes fish.
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Glacier Wall Chases Dudes On Mountain Pass

Not an enviable position to be in.
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Tumblr thread on ages of Mountain ranges in America | archosaur-automaton Rockies are new, young and virile and fresh Laramide orogeny, tall and lanky teenagers on geological scale Appalachian mountains are old, formed hundreds millions years ago before dinosaurs walked Earth. They are ancients, elders, witnesses half billion years life coming and going.

Tumblr Thread: Grasping The Age of The Appalachians

They're old.
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scary steps on mountain climb video

Nope-tastic Final Mountain Steps Are Dizzyingly Scary

You know guys it might be cool to just stop here.
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14 Frosty Times The Mountain Was Victorious Over Failing Humans

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Here's a Video of a Guy Skiing Off a Mountain and Surviving to Give Hope to the Rest of Us

win video man skis off mountain
Via @devins223
Canada ride mountains Video roller coaster - 79347969

Break Out Your Adventure List and Put This Summer Mountain Coaster on it ASAP

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marbles invention mountains maze Video win - 79214081

Marble Mountain's Main Adventure is Finding the Coolest Path Down

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climbing mountains mountain climbing Video - 76008193

Watching This Guy Climb a Mountain in Record Time Reaffirmed My Commitment to My Couch

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mother nature ftw jogging beauty mountains france interview Video - 73669889

This Guy's Morning Jog is More Breathtaking and Beautiful Than Yours

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Ever Wanted To Race a Bike Down a Glacier Mountain in a Megavalanche?

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Procrastination Mountains Proclaim Your Tweets

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mountains whee bike world record Video - 70064641

The World's Fastest Mountain Bike Went 138 Miles Per Hour Down the Swiss Alps!

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Is That Where the Beer Is Made?

beer comes from this mountain
Via eats alot of sh*t
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