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Mountain Man Makes His Own Quad Axe and Chops Wood Into Fourths With a Single Swing

With all the time he saved chopping wood, he'll be screamin' yodelayheehoo!
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insects mother nature ftw awesome life hacks mother nature ants Video - 107469313

Man Provides Life Hack On Ridding Yard Of Ants With Mother Nature

Pretty neat.
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storm chasing video cool mysterious lighting strikes

Storm Chasers Capture Rare Footage Of Red Sprites Lightning

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Video of a plane responding to being struck by lightning will reassure you because of how graceful it is.

Watching This Plane's Response To Scary Lightning Strike Is Surprisingly Reassuring

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mother nature ftw australia close call lightning Video - 84028929

Would You Keep as Cool as This Aussie with a Lightning Strike That Close Behind You?

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mother nature ftw shark Video animals lucky - 83048705

Watching This Incredible Footage of a Shark Breaching Through a Shark Cage Will Definitely End Up in Your Nightmares

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mother nature ftw planet earth bbc Video win - 82982913

The Trailer For the BBC's Planet Earth II is So Majestic You Might Actually Watch it On Something Other Than Your Smart Phone

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mother nature ftw australia drones Video win - 82281985

Take a Breathtaking Bird's-Eye View of Australia's Beautifully Red National Park

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mother nature ftw whale ocean boat Video win - 82321665

Watch a Curious Humpback Whale Get Up Close and Personal With a Tour Boat

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slow motion mother nature ftw lightning Video - 80470785

Watching a Lightning Storm in Slow Motion Will Make You Say 'Damn Mother Nature'

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A Full On Triple Rainbow?!!

win image triple rainbow over new york state
Via smk_274
mother nature ftw nope cars Video snake omg - 78676993

How Many Miles Before a Huge Snake Needs a Tune up?

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As If Either Thing Weren't Scary Enough, Here's a Spider Eating a Venomous Snake

animal image daddy long legs spiders kills venomous brown snake
Via The Aussie Farmer
mother nature ftw vine australia weather driving lightning - 76091137

This Footage of a Van Getting Struck By Lightning Will Remind You That Mother Nature is In Charge

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Canada northern lights mother nature ftw time lapse Video win beautiful - 75549697

Relax and Enjoy This Incredibly Beautiful Time Lapse of the Norhtern Lights From Canada

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fishing mother nature ftw ocean Video rage - 75637761

When Giant Groupers Keep Stealing His Catch, This Spear Fisher Loses His Underwater Chill

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