funny stupid things people said

Terrifically Stupid Things People Have Heard Someone Say

It's just nonstop.
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funny stupid facepalm moments

Facepalm Moments From The Virtuosos of Dumbness

It's like there was a contest.
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signs someone is dumb

Subtle Signs That Someone Is Dumb

Bless their hearts.
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stupid things people said in seriousness

Dumb Things People Said In Complete Seriousness

Where to even start.
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people who didn't understand jokes

Misguided Individuals Who Aggressively Didn't Get Jokes

Yeah, they're the dumb one.
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people who didn't get jokes

Tragically Oblivious Simpletons Who Didn't The Joke

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funny moments of kids being stupid

Signs Kids Are Dumber Than Bushels of Hammers

They're pretty dumb for people who spend so much time in school.
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dumb times people didn't get jokes

Frustrating Morons Who Didn't Get Obvious Jokes

Very poignant observation.
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dumb advice

The Worst Advice People Ever Received

"Computers are a fad honey, the real money is in typewriters."
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funny stupid scammer fails

Incompetent Scammers Who Were Their Own Worst Enemies

Maybe consider another career.
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funny moments of kids being weird and dumb

Proof Kids Are Weird As Heck

Nice one.
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mistaken funny stories morons lol dumb idiots stories funny stupid - 14212101

People Who Proved They Weren't The Dumb One

Sometimes there's justice.
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images of people online who didn't understand memes and jokes

Mistaken Bozos Who Didn't Get The Joke

Think about it for like, a second.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to the dumbest questions customers have asked employees | pm_me_your_taintt 3h Lady walks into empty restaurant, looks around, asks "is this furniture store?"

The Dumbest Questions From Customers

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Mistaken people who took satirical joke news seriously | tweet by TheOnion Biologists Still No Closer Discovering Birds Have Sex If thats true just shows even though folks think are real advanced and good with computers nature still will always be more complicated and not then our technolgy

Sadly Mistaken People Who Didn't Understand Satire

It's funny, but also kinda really sad.
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Funny stupid facepalm moments of people being dumb | Is there any sort book subscription kids exists where order books and once read them return them and get more? 7 Comments Like Comment 's called library.

Facepalm Moments of Intense Dumbness

We aren't always so quick on the draw.
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