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The local fire department in Patos, Paraiba, Brazil were called to a bar Feb. 5 with a report of an aggressive monkey with a kitchen knife chasing men.

Lt. Col. Saul Laurentino of the Fire department said the monkey drank a glass of rum at the bar before picking up the knife and chasing after men, leaving the women alone.

"It was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife," said Laurentino.

Sounds like some of the bar patrons were just trying to enjoy the simple joys of a monkey knife fight:

chinese new year fail This Suggestive Chinese New Year Poster Is Definitely Hiding Something
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As the poster says, 2016 is the year of the monkey. Do you see the monkey in this minimalist design? The little ears, kind of a long face but it's pretty clear. Some people have pointed out that it looks like something else... though it's hard to place it. 

What is it... 

via @Decertati0

No that can't be it. 

via @BigPuppy_Stuart

How rude! 

via @JonQuixote

Yes, that's it! Exactly what I was thinking...