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Misfortune Monday: Putting things in Perspective

Sometimes a normal boring day is a good day.
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Movie Theater Penguin

animal art bird boredom clever cold cooler creativity in the workplace cute decoration fridge monday penguin recycling reminder sculpture sharpie wasteful - 3698437632
By Unknown

The Basic School Week

funny depressing monday - 8042904576
By Unknown

Someone Doesn't Want to Go to School

horrible school funny bus monday - 8024964864
By Unknown

Dammit, You're Right.

funny monday - 7905884160
By Unknown

Drinking Reasoning

drinking days of the week FRIDAY comics mondays funny webcomics monday - 7510412288
Via Victims of Circumsolar

Was This Your Sunday Night?

school sunday crying monday - 7163447040
Via Noohno

Every Damn Monday

teachers simpsons monday - 7153747712
By Unknown

LOL JK It's Monday!

FRIDAY week monday - 7121966848
By Unknown

Monday is Coming. I Can Feel It.

espresso latte monday - 7082428416
By InnerFlame

Nope, Not Going to Class Today

horrible monday - 7055980544
Via Whatever Broken

Well That's Kind of Dark

toothpaste for dinner FRIDAY Death comics monday - 7026155008
Via Toothpaste For Dinner

It's Truly the Worst Day

cheating monday - 7016798464
By Unknown


FRIDAY monday - 6983489792
By Unknown

Tell... Tell Friday That...

Webcomic FRIDAY comics monday - 6871736320
Via Been Better

Hooray Mondays!

monday - 6795941376
By Unknown
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