Baby's First Halloween Prank

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By ScaredPooplessButCan'tPoop

Mom, You're Better Than This. At Least Try Cool Ranch.

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Via Brown Cardigan

Curse You, Genetics!

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By Sword
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After the Unthinkable Happens, Facebook Reunites a Mom and Her Newborn

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Pubic Nuisance Number One

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By kansaswolf

Pics or it Didn't Happen!

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By Chris
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I Guess There IS Such a Thing as Being Too Clean...

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Time to Go Wash My Hands AND Brain

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By Insipid moniker

Now, to Tweet About it...

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Santa is Not Very Subtle

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Via Brown Cardigan

Mom Always Has the Best Sense of Humor...

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By Unknown

In the Ultimate Autocorrect Prank, "Dirty Laundry" Becomes Modernist Irish Literature

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Why Call Mom When You Have Parentbook?

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By Jen

They Call Him Dr. Love

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By Unknown

Please Don't Let This Comment be From Someone Capable of Giving Birth...

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Via Bir83