A quick Tumblr thread shares the story of a terrifying monster mold in Chernobyl | Text - The image is of a reactor core lava formation in the basement of the Chernobyl nuclear plant. It's called the Elephant's Foot and weighs hundreds of tons, but is only a couple meters across. Oh, and regarding the Medusa thing, this picture was taken through a mirror around the corner of the hallway. Because the wheeled camera they sent up to take pictures of it was destroyed by the radiation. The Elephant's

Tumblr Thread About Horrifying Monster Mold

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Guy messes up my accidentally eating too many oranges | r/tifu Join u/wadlwadlus 1d TIFU by eating too many oranges So this happened few months back, but 's funny story nonetheless needs be on internet living my grandparents basement at time 5 story house. Walking up stairs get kitchen hassle, so only did time eat. Now l'm not an out shape person, but not enthusiastic about going up flights stairs just look at pantry scarcely filled with old people food.

Dude Messes Up By Eating Too Many Oranges

Talk about a breath of fresh air.
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Tumblr thread describes a monster mold that has the powers of Medusa | unexplained-events photo above is closest humanity has ever come creating Medusa. If were look at this would die instantly | image is reactor core lava formation basement Chernobyl nuclear plant s called Elephant's Foot and weighs hundreds tons, but is only couple meters across. Oh, and regarding Medusa thing, this picture taken through mirror around corner hallway. Because wheeled camera they sent up take pictures destroyed

Tumblr Thread: Radioactive Lava-Like Material Has Medusa Powers

No thank you.
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things that look like food

29 Delectable Looking Objects That Are Totally Not for Eating

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Cupcake Mold WIN

cupcakes mario mold nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros - 6570647808
Via Neatoshop

WIN!: Pancake Molds WIN

breakfast g rated Hall of Fame mold nerdgasm star wars win - 5907928576
Via Neatorama

Shot to the Heart WIN

breakfast egg food mold pan - 5270662912
Created by Unknown

Cookie Bowl WIN

baking bowl cookies cooking design dessert food mold - 5259518720
Via Neatorama

Breaking Out WIN

art escape installation mold sculpture statue - 5183381504
Created by sixonefive72

Ice Molds WIN

arctic design drink glass ice ice cube mold penguin polar bear - 5255659264