person saves multi-level marketing recruit

Good Samaritan Saves Potential MLM Recruit Before It's Too Late

"It's not a pyramid, it's a three dimensional triangle."
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Person gives the facts to Multi-Level Marketing scammer, but they double down

MLM Hun Gets the Facts, Won't Accept Them

Hopefully some day they'll turn around.
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Multi-level marketing woman gets told the facts about her shady business.

Multi-Level Marketing Hun Gets Confronted With The Facts, Can't Handle It

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mlm pyramid scheme ridiculous Video win - 99584001

Guy Infiltrates The Biggest Pyramid Scheme In His City

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Guy texts friend whose dad died so he can sell MLM health supplements.

Guy Reconnects With High School Friend to Use Dad's Recent Passing to Sell Health Supplements

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advice against mlm and pyramid schemes

MLM Beauty Product Schemer Gets Educated By Helpful Friend's Facebook Messages

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pyramid scam

Pesky Pyramid Schemer Gets Hit With All The Facts By Woman On Instagram

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weird irrational social media

10 Times People Online Were Aggressively Stupid

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