Why Are We Supposed to Feel Bad For the Concrete?

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Go Lekars!

basketball jersey spelling misspelling poorly dressed - 8255458816
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Too Bad Roads Don't Have Spell Check

monday thru friday spelling misspelling road work - 8255307008
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Just Give Me Some Numbers and I'll Be Fine

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Even Worse Than Having Your Name Misspelled on Your Nametag

security monday thru friday misspelling work - 8163449600
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A Mocha For Oliver!

monday thru friday barista work Starbucks misspelling name - 8043264512
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Such an Honor

employee of the month monday thru friday parking space misspelling sign work - 8053442816
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Tomorrow Never Knows How to Spell

tattoos misspelling - 4273363456
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What Numder Did You Pay?

text tattoos misspelling - 8011800320
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text tattoos misspelling - 4292487424

But Also Illiterate!

backs tattoos misspelling - 7992419328
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Tradgedy? Definitely! Beautiful? Not So Much

bad misspelling tattoos - 7975282176
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Halp I'm Drowding

bad misspelling tattoos - 7983685632
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Tradgev Brings a New Genre to The Theatre

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My Next What?

bad grammar misspelling tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 7975274240
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Its Abight

misspelling wtf tattoos text - 4339492096

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