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Weird, bad, ugly and misspelled tattoo fails | tattoo down a spine that reads prome queen | angel's halo and the words dad's aingel

Regrettable Tattoos That Must Be Hard to Have

Oh man.
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cringe tattoo fail

19 Really Not Great Tattoos People Went Through With

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Were You in a Hurry?

heart lat tat misspelled tattoos - 6430616832
Created by Ellzo


arm tattoos misspelled tattoos Music - 6589814272
Created by Kerstin


misspelled tattoos - 6494335744
Via Tattoo Failure

What is Everibody Looking At?

arm tattoos misspelled tattoos facebook - 7026400256
Created by Unknown


arm tattoos misspelled tattoos - 6304135936
Created by Unknown

So Close

misspelled tattoos expressions chest tattoos - 7093673728
Created by Unknown

You a Word

misspelled tattoos - 6908914944
Created by Unknown

Get Busy Spelling

heart misspelled tattoos neck tattoos - 6526937344
Created by mcountz

How is That Even Possible?

lat tat misspelled tattoos - 6500991232
Created by Ashley

Apostrophe Catastrophe

misspelled tattoos back tattoos text tattoos - 7137977344
Created by Hellnbak

How Can A Angel 8 Reak My Heart?

angel misspelled tattoos - 6823128576
Created by Unknown

For the Rest of Your Life, You'll Either Have to Hide it, or Be Known as the Dumb Girl With the Misspelled Tattoo

arm tattoos misspelled tattoos facebook - 7294920704
Created by Unknown

Juge, Jurrie, and Xakyooshiner

back tattoos misspelled tattoos only god can judge me - 7077923840
Created by Unknown

Irony, or Ignorance?

no regrets arm tattoos misspelled tattoos g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7383378176
Created by Unknown
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