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Prepare Yourself For Ron Jeremy's Shot for Shot Remake of Wrecking Ball

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Made My Eyes Rain

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School Marching Bands Are Better Than Miley Cyrus

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All They Found Was The Teeth

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Created by Jahntassa

Miley Added An Accessory To Appear As The World Views Her

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Nothin' Says Elegance Like a Crotch Grab

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This Little Girl Demonstrates How We All Feel When The Beat Drops

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Moldy Cypress?

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Via cutestblogger

The Guys in the Collars Don't Appreciate Ms. Cyrus

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The Threat Wasn't Empty

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I'm Glad She Has A Fallback

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Came in Like 'Murica

clothes miley cyrus shirts pizza murica poorly dressed - 7962119936

A Miley Story

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We Can't Stop Christmas Card

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The Top FAILs of 2013 Are....

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Well At Least They Are Both Faces

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