Michael Scott

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The Office's Michael Scott is filled with half-baked sentiments of strange wisdom and inspiration. These 10 quotes are the perfect way to honor such a wild and unpredictable and hilarious character from the show! 

steve carell trolls twitter with office comeback
Via Buzzfeed
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Two things people learn at a young age: Don’t yell fire in a crowded theater, and don’t claim that The Office is coming back on Twitter.

Steve Carell should know better.

For some reason, yesterday afternoon, he caused everyone on Twitter to do a double take, when he tweeted this:


Carell got more RTs than Trump saying he just saw a Lunesta commercial and would NOT be asking his doctor about it. That man likes his late-night tweeting.

Of course, this was not true — neither The Office news nor the Trump Lunesta tweet. It was just a crummy commercial for the Will & Grace 10-episode revival:


via Wow Christina

via Reddit

So everything’s bad now, including Steve Carell.