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Askreddit of people's most eccentric bosses | BigShoots 34.5k points 14 hours ago had an anonymous feedback program at work, and our boss livid with results, particularly with several comments he frequently lost his temper meetings and would yell at us more he talked about incorrect and unfair and hurtful these comments were redder and angrier he got, until he finally pounded table and shouted DO NOT! SCREAM MEETINGS! OKAY?"

People's Most Eccentric and Oblivious Bosses

There are real-life Michael Scotts.
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"The Office" Releases Michael Scott's Greatest Hits

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An Epic Tribute To Michael Scott's 10 Best Quotes In The Office

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14 Pretty Decent Celebrity Lookalikes from Around the Globe

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Every College Major According to Michael Scott

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Steve Carell Goes Full Michael Scott and Trolls Twitter With “The Office” Come Back Tweet

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Where Do You Fall?

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Best Decision Ever

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The Office Complaint Box

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We Talked About This!

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Yeah, That Sends the Right Message

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Well When You Put It That Way...

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The Crystal Ethod

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Dating Fails: Like Cracking A God Damn Safe

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No Woman Can Resist The Squint

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I'm Still in Recovery

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