Uber Driver gets revenge on scamming passenger by saying he's going to mexico | Posted by u/smkAce0921 16 hours ago want Free Ride Fine take Mexico oC L 2018 lived southern CA while finishing up graduate school. Uber more popular than ever and given spread out CA is general an easy side hustle shuttle people back and forth. However only did little while because not really most patient person and eventually got tired people's BS and attitudes. One common tactics customers looking screw driver can

Uber Driver Calls Bluff of Scamming Customer

None of these choices are advisable.
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Guy tells a crazy story about his rollercoaster of a New Year's Eve | Andrew Kimmel @andrewkimmel Dear @AmericanAir, After arriving back LA Indonesia 275 EQDS under (yet 25K miles over maintaining status asked pay $1875 keep status, so instead booked 400 rt ticket Mexico 24 hrs. Here's my fucking night went

One Man's Wild New Year's Eve Story

This guy has a story to last him a lifetime.
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mexico job work coworkers Video - 423942

Whole Factory Stages Walkout After Coworkers Unjust Punishment

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drinking mexico weather Video win - 85929985

Mexico Just Changed the Game, Invented Cloud That Legit Rains Tequila

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wtf mexico sexual harassment weird Video - 1840133

Mexico Installs Subway Seats With Dildos Built Into Them For Insane Sexual Harassment Campaign

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drinking mexico spring break partying college - 1738501

Insane Spring Break Stories and Ridiculous Videos That Perfectly Capture the Craziness of This Week

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drinking mexico grandma spring break college - 1732869

Grandma Slamming Shots With Sexy Coeds On Spring Break In Cabo Becomes Instant Legend

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donald trump immigration reactions list mexico hats twitter - 924421

Apparently Trump's Immigration Policy and "Make America Great Again" Had a Baby, it's This "Make Mexico Great Again Also" Hat

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A Construction Worker Put a Mexican Flag on Top of Trump Tower in Vancouver

politics facebook donald trump A Construction Worker Put a Mexican Flag on Top of Trump Tower in Vancouver
Via Diego Saul Reyna
sports mexico donald trump soccer Video - 74179585

This Brilliant Mexican TV Soccer Ad Uses a Donald Trump Clip to Hype an Upcoming USA vs. Mexico Match

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donald trump, mexico, hypocrisy, coat
Via jsullivan1331

The Champagne of Mexico

Mexico knows how to make good champagne
Via Mike Pants
mexico geography science - 65847297

The Crystal Caves

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Misplaced National Outrage? We've Got That.

mexico facepalm racist boycott - 8335452160
By Mr. Manifesto

Miley Cyrus is Being Fined After Using the Mexican Flag as Butt Floss at a Recent Concert

mexico bad idea facepalm miley cyrus - 8322587904
Via Brobible

The Face of Victory Right There

football mexico soccer world cup - 8221456640
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